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Ever want to own your name (, blog or business, ( website?

**NOTE: Due to GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons' brutal shooting of elephants, I have had many transfer requests. Click here for detailed instructions on leaving GoDaddy. VegChica is an eNOM reseller which means that it is backed up by one of the largest domain registrars so that your domains are secure. Call VegChica to discuss bulk transfer pricing. In addition, all net profits are donated to charities that help animals!

Welcome to VegChica! Start here to reserve your domain names and create your new internet website. Included free with every name purchase is an optional 20 minute confidential consultation on your business and website ideas.
Contact VegChica at (312) VEG-SITE,

vegan websites

VegChica was started by me, a vegan website geek who like you, loves animals as friends not food. I live in the city but would some day love to have a backyard with rescued chickens :-) When I found out that GoDaddy supports the PRCA Rodeos, I did not want to buy domains from them. When you buy through VegChica, 100% of Net Profits from your Domain Registrations will help animals.

Does VegChica only sell vegan websites? No, here are some of the things that VegChica customers can do: reserve your name, reserve your friend's name as a gift, pad your college applications, start a blog, make money from ads, post your resume, show off your short stories, feature your drawings, sell your t-shirt designs, tell people why you love animals and don't eat them, help a cause.. your websites, your ideas.

Show your expertise
.NINJA now just $19.99/yr


Lead the conversation

Get all of your social media interactions recognized online.
Now just $29.99/yr

Awesome domain names

Get a new web address worth shouting about.
Now just $12.99/yr

Create opportunities

Create a universal web address with infinite potential.
Now just $25.99/yr
Help VegChica! What do I do now that I have bought my domain name? Building a website can be as easy as using Facebook. If you want a simple and free blog using your domain name, use Google Blogger to host your blog. If you want a business site, you can use the VegChica Web Site Builder tool. Or try a Wordpress site if you are more computer savvy. Still not sure? If you have already bought your domain name, then you are entitled to a free consultation, so call and ask!

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